Tom Broadbent Limited Editions
Image of Rainbow Handmade Furry Slipcase and signed At Home With The Furries book

Rainbow Handmade Furry Slipcase and signed At Home With The Furries book


A limited edition package which includes a Curious Creatures designed furry slipcase, a signed copy of "At Home With The Furries" and a set of four postcards.

Custom made furry slipcase for your furry book designed by Curious Creatures, a leading British fursuit and costume maker.

Only two available, both made from rainbow coloured fake fur with paw pads stitched on the front.

A signed copy of "At Home With The Furries" by Tom Broadbent which is an unique insight into the furry fandom and approaches the subculture with a playful tone whilst treating it with respect and humility.

Spanning his ten-year engagement with the British furry fandom subculture, Tom Broadbent’s At Home With The Furries takes a fluffy, scaly and feathery peek at a community of people who happen to identify as animal characters.

Featuring Syrrus, a fox and Lupestripe, a wolf having a barbecue at home in Leeds, exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018, and Smirnoff, a husky wolf from the book, 1001 Photographs You Must See Before You Die (Paul Lowe), all the photographs are taken in the furries’ homes, gardens and favourite local haunts.

Broadbent’s work communicates a feeling of empathy and camaraderie with his subjects. Exploring the relationship between each character and the fursona they inhabit, he describes a keen responsibility to tell their stories in a respectful and honest way: ‘The pictures only start the process of understanding what this subculture is about. It is in fact a collaboration, a trust between me and the furry. That relationship and the importance of maintaining that bond may go some way to explain how protective I am of the project and the furries themselves.’

Limited to: 750 copies

Photographs and book concept: Tom Broadbent

Essay: Laura Noble

Text: Uncle Kage

Design: Struktur Design Ltd

Cover illustration: Alexandra Tomlin

Book illustrations: Dane Marinkovic

Size: 8 x 11 inch (21 x 28 cm), Portrait

Length: 96 pages

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